Saturday, June 30, 2012


Well my room is a little cleaner... still haven't actually started packing. I have a feeling that I will be up late doing that since I am going to a concert tonight. Turned in stuff for my job, got my old laptop sold, and did laundry. I'll start packing when I get back from the concert late tonight and I'll have to clean my boots before I pack them tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll need to run to the bank and the store and finish packing but otherwise I'm all set. I just need to grab a few toiletries and snack food. And I need to remember the smaller camera from dad.

Friday, June 29, 2012

T-2 Days - It's My Birthday!

Happy birthday to me! I am now 18 years old! I spent a lovely day not packing or cleaning but instead unpacked a beautiful set of knives for mom. I washed them and dried some and am waiting for the rest in the dish washer. Going out to dinner with my parents, my aunt (also our BM), one of my half brothers, my grandfather, and my dad's girlfriend (as far as I know). It should be some really good food.

Tomorrow I really will have to buckle down and clean/pack but for now I am basking in being legal. Not that being legal, 18, means much in the US. So I can vote? Yeah, no biggie. I've been able to drive for 2 years and I won't be able to drink for another 3 years... So 18 is not huge.

Anyway, two days and then you guys start to get argentina/Rancho Pampa commentary!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Counting Down: T-3 Days

I went shopping today to get the last of the things I need (except for a quick stop at the store for snacks on the plane and some toiletries). Polos, sports bras, a few light weight long sleeve shirts as well. Also picked up the super massive duffle that will hold all of my stuff (hopefully).

I rode my girl last night for the second to last time in a while :( She was lame, as usual, but more so than normal. I hope she does okay without me. If I'm lucky, mom will decide to breed her and not send her off to tufts vet school to become just another research animal :(

I have to go up to the office tonight for a phone jam to schedule up my last three days. Since they consist of my birthday, my last full day, and the beginning of the day I leave, I'm not too thrilled. Tomorrow I really should spend cleaning my room and getting stuff organized, especially since I have my b-day dinner that evening too. Saturday, I am already doing 1 demo and then I need to return my stuff  before going out to a concert. I should really do most of my packing on saturday too. Sunday... well there is no way I am working on sunday. I will be packing, saying goodbye, and frantically buying music for my iPod. *sigh* Well, I'll go up there and at least talk to my manager about it... but then it will be an extra 2 hours of my day wasted. Joy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Making a list

and checking it twice!
(ear worm!)

All those last minute things are starting to seem more real... like actually knowing what I need to bring. I have my list, tomorrow is the last shopping trip and then I leave on sunday. My birthday dinner is friday night, I do sort of have to keep doing my other job (working for Vector Marketing) until I leave but whatever.

The cat is sleeping on my bed... I'll miss the cat :( and the dog. And my mare, Zoe. I'm going to try and ride her today and tomorrow, maybe friday and definitely saturday. I wish I could ride her during the day but I want the rides to be enjoyable since I won't get to ride her for almost 6 months. I just hope she is good for mom while I am away :(

I also need to clean my room before I go, which doesn't seem to be happening. It will probably get closed off too, and Pluto will be sad. He always spends the days in here since it is quiet and there are places for him to sleep (like my bed right now).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So I have less than a week now till I arrive and boy am I excited. I haven't started packing yet (go me!) but I have been thinking about what I will pack.

Six months is a long time to pack for, especially since there will be a season change in there (not to mention I can't exactly get away with wearing my winter coat onto the plain since it is still summer up here). It doesn't help that I have to fit in my helmet and my boots too. I don't think I'll manage that all in one bag. I just keep telling myself that if I forget stuff, or need more, I'll be back over thanksgiving and can bring more stuff down. Of course, then I won't be able to bring it all back in one bag which could be a problem... I think shipping stuff home might be in order.

At give you guys a little background about why I'm doing this I'll give you a brief summary of who I am and stuff. As I write this, I am still 17 but I will be turning 18 on friday (!!). I've been riding my whole life, most eventing though. I moved up to prelim at GMHA this spring on my mother's horse and had a fantastic time. If I can jump 1.10m solid obstacles I can jump anything right? Well except for perhaps 1.3m solid obstacles but in jumpers I don't need to worry about that so much. I went to a private high school which limited my riding time a lot but I still managed, mostly working on project horses and not competing that much. My parents got divorced last summer and through that I learned that my dad would actually be okay with me taking a gap year to work or do whatever. So I started looking for a place to work and ride where I didn't have to bring my own horse. I found Rancho Pampa through the chronicle of the horse forums last fall, spent the winter looking for other positions, and finally settled on Rancho Pampa. The program they offer is amazing. It isn't work all day in the barn and if you are good enough/if there is time you might possibly be able to hack a horse around. No, they bring in working students to ride every day and all day (basically).  So how can I say no?

So on July 1st I will be getting on a plane and heading for Argentina, arriving there the morning of the 2nd to begin my first six months (approximately) there. I will return home for a week over thanksgiving and then hopefully go back to Rancho Pampa to finish off the year!